Update on the principal asset classes and the potential impact of Brexit.

This event has been designed to update High-Net-Worth UK Families and their Advisers on the performance and outlook of the most popular asset classes held on their overall balance sheets.

At this annual event a specialist in each asset class will review recent performance, the outlook for returns and in particular the potential impact of Brexit on each of them. Each year the key characteristics of each asset class are examined together with its capacity to protect against inflation, its liquidity and its execution costs and UK taxation implications.

The event shall take place this year at Savills’ London offices in Margaret Street on the 26 June. lucas&asociados is delighted to have received Savills kind invitation to take part in it. Several members of the investment team shall be attending, being led by the Head of the department, Mr. Angel Matias who truly looks forward to it, as he finds that the fact that the event is just after the ‘Brexit’ referendum will be key to better understand the consequences of its outcome for UK investors interested in investing abroad, especially in Southern Europe, i.e. Spain & Portugal.

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