lucas&asociados’ projects team is a division of the Spanish firm lucas&asociados, who since the year 1999 has been providing a wide range of specialised advisory & consulting services of the highest quality.

The division is made up of a team of first-class professionals in their respective fields and is mainly focused on providing specialised technical assistance and advanced advisory and consulting services, i.e. evaluation and management of international projects, projects of social and economic as well as legal and political development & consolidation and projects of development and internationalization of the SME business sector across five continents.

In order to achieve its aims, lucas&asociados counts with a large team of highly-skilled and highly-experienced professionals who work grouped in multidisciplinary teams formed specifically for each project.

Furthermore, the division benefits from a large number of alliances and partnerships with professionals, firms and institutions worldwide, which allows the division to integrate leading experts in each ad-hoc project team.

Why us

What makes lucas&asociados’ project teams different:

  •  Coverage of all aspects of a project at any stage of its life-cycle.
  •  Highly experienced and technically skilled professionals.
  •  Ad-hoc partner-led cross-departmental project teams.
  •  Teams that provide technical excellence and multi-project/cultural/lingual experience.
  • Process management in line with international quality standards.
  • The firm’s consistent commitment to “shared value creation”.

Management Team

lucas&asociados’ project team is a division of the independent professional firm lucas&asociados. The division has a dynamic and committed team of leading professionals that offers clients a comprehensive set of specialised advisory services and which proudly works in partnership or collaboration with prestigious local, cross-border and international leading organisations and experts in their respective fields. Moreover, the firm and its professionals are at the forefront of industry developments, being part of the leading sector alliances, industry associations and international professional organizations.

Team’s members

Parras Martin-Romo, Faustino

International consultant. Senior Mining Engineer (ETSIM Madrid) and Third Cycle Engineer by the “Institut Supérieur des Materiaux et de la Construction Mecanique” of Paris, with over 40 years of professional experience in large energy, water, waste, infrastructure and tunnelling projects and working for/alongside leading multinationals.

Languages: Spanish and French.

López Espinosa, Gador

Industrial Engineer (Univ. Madrid). Master´s Degree in Business Administration and Master´s Degree in environmental impact assessment. Professional with 15 years of experience in the design, management and direction of infrastructure projects and works (e.g. ports, railway, roads, water and power supply/distribution projects), urban planning, public housing and commercial/hospitality projects.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Lucas Marin, Emilio

Founding & Managing Partner. Corporate/commercial lawyer & registered Insolvency Administrator. Law Degree and Diploma in EC law (CEU, Madrid). Registered Technical Specialist in Foreign Trade (ICEX) and Master´s Degree in Insolvency Administration (UNED). Associate Professor EOI in international contracts and taxation. Professional withover 20 years’ experience in national and cross-border transactions & projects, litigation and ADR.

Languages: Spanish, English, French.

Matías Gómez, Angel R.

Corporate/commercial lawyer and international business/project development consultant, with wide research, teaching/training experience. Law Degree (UAL). LLM in International Legal Practice (UMU) and LLM in EU Law (UNED). Professional with 25 years of experience in business consultancy and legal advice on local & cross-border transactions/projects.

Languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Catalan and Portuguese.

Bellido Mengual, Manuel

Top-litigation lawyer with extensive teaching/research experience and member of the UNCITRAL Commission in Spain. Law Degree (Seville University), LLM in European Communities (ICADE) and Advanced Course on International Trade Law (CECO). 30 years of professional experience in international law firms in the areas of Corporate Law, Commercial Law & Foreign Investment, Litigation, Civil Law and Contracts, Law of International Trade.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Santana Páramo, Oscar

Lawyer, economist, auditor and registered Insolvency practitioner. Degree in Economics and Business Studies (UAL), Master Degree in Accounting & Auditing (AU) and Law Degree (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid). Professional with over 20 years’ experience in corporate and project finance, designing, implementing & evaluating studies, plans and programmes, cross-border transactions and international projects.

Languages: Spanish and English.

De la Rosa Carretero, José Luis

Economist, lawyer and registered insolvency practitioner. Degree in Economics and Business Studies (UAL) and Law Degree (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid). Expert business consultant and tax adviser, with over 20 years of professional experience in corporate management and administration, foreign trade, cross-border transactions and disputes.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Lirola Picón, David

International consultant. Agronomist specializing in genetic engineering (UAL) with extensive research experience. Master in Business Administration – MBA (UAL). Expert in agricultural marketing. Professional with over 20 years’ experience, expert in the intensive exploitation of horticultural crops in greenhouses and in international marketing and distribution of horticultural production.

Languages: Spanish and French.

Román Soriano, Rafael

International consultant. Spanish Lawyer. Law Degree (UAL). Master in Business Consultancy (UAL). Expert in foreign trade and qualified Spanish-French translator & interpreter (Degree from University of Granada). Professional with over 20 years’ experience in foreign trade and in the areas of business, commercial, tax and international trade law, having held during his career different management positions in private sector organizations.

Languages: Spanish, French and English.


lucas&asociados makes available to its clients its wide-ranging experience in all phases of the project-cycle, namely, any services to be provided during the research & design stages, through the main stages of implementation & management, up to the follow-up and assessment stages of the project.

The division provides its clientele with the following specialized services:

Research, analysis and forecasts

lucas&asociados and its experienced team of consultants provides its clients with a wide range of highly-specialized services, i.e. services of technical research, analysis/projections and feasibility, risk & efficiency studies, as well as monitoring and evaluation services in projects with complex geo-strategic components and complex political, legal and/or socio-economic factors.

Project design & planning and strategic project direction and management

lucas&asociados and his team of professionals specialise in providing first-class technical, commercial and financial advisory/consulting services to private clients, SMEs, large corporations, institutions and governments, facilitating the design, planning, management and execution of their policies, strategies, programmes, plans, projects and actions.

Specialised technical assistance

lucas&asociados provides its clientele -via its own in-house team of experts and its extensive network of best partners spanning five continents- with a comprehensive technical support in projects of the most varied nature, catering for all needs and challenges arising at the different stages of the life-cycle of a project (i.e. co-operation and development projects; projects of legal, political and human rights reform/consolidation; projects of expansion and strengthening of SMEs and international businesses).

Training of teams and institutional strengthening

lucas&asociados offers its clients specialised advisory and consulting services, professional and technical training events and programmes aimed at educating/empowering civil society and consolidating its legal, political and institutional systems.

Management, implementation and leadership of projects

lucas&asociados has an experienced team of experts in leading, managing and implementing policies, programmes, plans and projects in the public and in the private sector.

Monitoring of project execution and assessment of project results

lucas&asociados completes its portfolio of services offering public institutions and private organizations monitoring services of project execution and assessment and revision services of results achieved by the implementation of different policies, plans, programmes and projects.


lucas&asociados has a strong successful track record providing technical assistance, consultancy & advisory services in project development and project management to both public agencies and institutions and to private organizations across five continents.


lucas&asociados provides private clients, SMEs, large companies, associations and organizations with research&design, leadership&management and monitoring&assessment services to international business projects that require specialized leadership, advice or support.


lucas&asociados offers specialised technical assistance and a comprehensive set of consulting and advisory services to public agencies and institutions that require expert advice at the different project stages in all kind of areas, i.e. social and economic development projects, international co-operation projects and/or legal, political and institutional development and consolidation projects.


  • Agriculture and commodities

The team of lucas&asociados has the capability to provide farmers, businesses, organizations, associations and private and public institutions alike with comprehensive technical consulting services (i.e. soil, water, pest/disease and crop & product management) as well as first-class commercial/business advisory services. The team has extensive experience offering clients the necessary support to meet the current needs of agricultural production, management and marketing/distribution, greatly affected in many parts of the planet by the effects of climate change.

  • Energy

The professionals that form the team of lucas&asociados have extensive experience in the development and management of energy projects both renewable (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, sea/wave, biomass) and non-renewable (coal, oil, gas and uranium) energy projects and can provide clients with first-class engineering consulting and business advisory services in the areas of energy generation, storage, distribution and efficiency. The team has extensive experience producing technical & commercial studies of implementation and improvement of energy management and the design & complete re-design of generation (and co-generation) systems, power supply, consumption and pricing systems and of plant/equipment efficiency assessment systems.

  • Water and sanitation

The team of lucas&asociados has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of water resource policies, infrastructure engineering plans and programmes and integrated management of water resource projects aimed at developing communities, as well as raising awareness and training professionals and civil society. The team has successfully conducted feasibility and sustainability studies, engineering services for the integrated water cycle (and sanitation) management, plus technical and business advisory services supporting research, regulation, fundraising, construction and effective integrated management, as well as organization, operation and supervision of drinking water infrastructures projects in rural & urban areas, both at community and institutional levels in various parts of the world.

  • Quality, environment and health & safety

The professionals of lucas&asociados have accumulated over the past decades an extensive experience in quality control and environmental impact management projects and services. This experience is put at the clients’ service by offering them first-class consulting services, producing environmental impact assessments, implementing integrated environmental policies, plans, programmes, management systems and best practices, as well as preventive health and safety systems at work.

  • Civil engineering, civil infrastructures and urban planning

The team of lucas&asociados provides a comprehensive set of civil engineering consulting and advisory services, offering efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions, specifically tailored to the unique challenges of each project and the individual needs of each client. The team has extensive experience in producing technical specifications for tenders, studies, draft-projects and projects and in the provision of integrated construction management services and technical assistance services in various areas: transport infrastructure (roads,highways, structures and bridges), rail (high speed lines, tunnelling and underground lines), sea (execution of ports, harbours and dams), water (supply/distribution and sewage networks, pumping and irrigation), airport (runways and terminals), building (public buildings and housing) and urbanism (planning and development).

  • Socio-economic development, international trade and competitiveness

The team of lucas&asociados specialises in providing comprehensive advisory and consulting services on the internationalization of SMEs. The team of legal, business, economics/finance and tax professionals have extensive experience in local development projects supported by supranational institutions and foreign investment. Its expertise also includes the development, implementation and monitoring of policies, plans, programmes and projects aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium businesses and invigorating regional and sectorial economy as well as supporting and training local personnel of public and private organisations.

  • Modernization of local political and economic/financial systems

The professionals who make up the team of lucas&asociados have extensive experience in the development, assessment, reform and improvement of policies, plans and programmes aimed at the development, strengthening and consolidation of local socio-economic and political systems, as well as in the development, implementation & management and evaluation of projects of training and employability of civil society and in the adoption of fiscal and financial measures, the implementation of accounting and budgeting techniques in line with international standards and of measures aimed at strengthening the democratization of national bodies and institutions.

  • Development and strengthening of legal systems

The team of lucas&asociados has extensive experience in drafting and managing framework-agreements and drafting any tender-related legal documentation & technical specifications, as well as in participating in the design, evaluation and renovation of legislative policies and in the adoption of measures preventing corruption and improving corporate and institutional governance, risk management and compliance. Its expertise also includes leading and taking part in projects aimed at the consolidation of strong local judicial & prison systems and at the defence and promotion of human rights both locally and regionally.



Sr. D. Angel R. Matías Gómez

Tel.: +34 910 05 39 65


Cl. Jorge Juan, 65 – 2 º piso; 28009 Madrid – Spain.

; 29660 Marbella (Málaga) – Spain.

Cl. Rodrigo Navarro, 9 – 3A; 04001 Almería – Spain.

Boulevard, 301 – 5ª planta; 04740 El Ejido (Almería) – Spain.

Worldwide network of offices:

Almeria, Barcelona, Ferrol, Las Palmas, Madrid, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla, Tarragona, Toledo, Valencia, Beijing, Bucharest, Casablanca, Faro, Houston, Lisbon, London, Malabo, Shangai.

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