The power to sue
In order to represent you in the procedure you must authorise the lawyers (LucasAsociados) and solicitors we have sought for you. The procurator and the lawyer are different figures with different roles in Spanish law.

Any notary can make his own power of attorney. However, we provide a model in two languages. You can change the language from English to your country’s language. It is important that it appears in Spanish, as we will hand it over to a Spanish court.
It is essential that the following is clear
If the notary rejects our model, you must indicate the following.

Special Faculty for all types of criminal proceedings. And especially Complaints, accusations and lawsuits.
Faculty to open proceedings in other countries (Given that Arbistar has allegedly been involved in other countries and we do not know if they have taken goods to other countries. Currently there is a risk of escape.
Power to open a bank account or Bitcoin purse to collect payments (If possible, do not set up an account, as we will try to find an account that guarantees a fixed rate. Some notary has said that this is not possible. In that case the bank would be Cajamar and the Coinbase wallet we believe is the safest.


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