The Arbistar case, a supposed Spanish Ponzi with thousands of affected people around the world.

Among those affected are families and small investors who have been left helpless. It is important to act, and act quickly to request the courts


At  Lucas&Asociados we offer criminal law services to defend your rights in any jurisdiction in Spain or abroad against Arbistar 2.0 and all the false companies created. We believe that the bot never existed, or could not do so with the guarantees specified in the advertising to investors, which may be indicative of a possible fraud crime.

They have also withheld the BTC of all those affected.

The situation of uncertainty experienced by Arbistar 2.0 Oficial clients is current due to the possibility of not recovering the investments or benefits that correspond to them. Added to all this is the possibility that the invested money is no longer in Spain or that Arbistar 2.0 Oficial declares that it does not have enough capital to pay all investors.

The usual practice in pyramid scams committed through electronic means shows us that, even with a conviction by the Spanish courts, it is common that the amounts invested are not recovered because they have been diverted to another country or because their whereabouts are unknown. . This would mean leaving thousands of families without their savings and without any compensation for the damages suffered. 

That is why it is essential that those affected unite in a common strategy and do so quickly.


 Lucas&Associates Lawyers is a well-established and highly-reputed Spanish law firm that proudly provides a full range of multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional business and legal services to public institutions, corporations and private individuals in its clients’ own language.



The  Lucas&Asociados criminal law team has great capacity and experience in handling cases of this nature, which has been demonstrated by obtaining, among others, a conviction against Municipalities for embezzlement of public money, in the well-known case Operation Poniente Almería. Therefore, we are not only widely trained to defend the interests of the victims of a pyramid scam before the Spanish Courts. We also have extensive experience in defending the interests of these victims before foreign courts thanks to being a multidisciplinary international firm.

Our criminal law team at  Lucas&Asociados , led by Emilio Lucas, with extensive experience in cases of pyramid scams, cybercrime and socioeconomic crimes, is at your service to defend your rights in any jurisdiction against Arbistar and those responsible, with the sole objective that the injured parties can recover the investment made and that these serious events never happen again.

Platform for People Affected by Arbistar

Lucas&Associates Lawyers has launched the Platform for People Affected by Arbistar to file a complaint with the Courts of Tenerife, for crimes of misappropriation and pyramid fraud, as well as to represent before the National Court in Madrid all those affected. The facts are very serious, thousands of affected have lost their Bitcoin and so we have made it reach the press. It is necessary to unite the maximum amount of people affected.

We represent both those affected in Spain and non-residents in Spain.

Urgent action must be taken to request precautionary measures that pressure at the same time that they protect against a leakage of deposits or flight from justice. We are going to put pressure on the Arbistar Company, administrators and collaborators to negotiate, as well as we will request the seizure of all property and custody.

We strongly recommend not signing any kind of agreement with the company without prior advice, as they are trying to avoid criminal liability, as well as buy time.

In our team there are lawyers, bankruptcy specialists and economists who will closely review the assets of the company in the interest of those affected. We will also promote expert opinions to know if the Bot really worked or if it worked in pyramidal shape.


  • € 100 advance for management expenses.
  • 3% of the Bitcoin recovered in the friendly phase or Instruction.
  • 5% of the Bitcoin collected in the judicial phase.
  • 10% in the proportional part of the hidden goods that the firm can locate on their own.

Those who wish to join the platform must sign the contract for representation, providing screenshots of the amounts together with the accreditation of their identification document. To expedite the procedures there is a form at your provision.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification.



It is important to note that Spanish legislation requires those who do not reside in Spain. Go to a local notary’s office (Or a Spanish consulate or embassy. In this case, cheaper). They must make a specific power of attorney to authorize us in a criminal judicial procedure. The data and instructions that you must send to your trusted notary will be sent to you by email together with the contract.

There is information that has not been published in English. News, articles, members of the firm. You can use Google for translation. Sorry for the inconvenience. In any case, you can send an email to ask for clarification. Or, write a comment below. It will serve other people.


 It is important to go to the notary quickly. Otherwise we cannot represent you.

We appreciate you completing the form to be able to work faster with you.
+34 950 489799

When in doubt there is a Telegram group.

You can also leave a comment below.

Every week we will do a direct to inform those interested and those who want to join the platform.


lucas&asociados possesses a broad advisory, operational and advocacy capability and an extensive international reach with a right mix of offices, partnerships and alliances across Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, offering seamlessly a full range of multi-disciplinary and cross-border business and legal services to its clients.

Legal teams within we work closely with its own in-house team of economists and business & tax consultants, allowing their ‘abogados’ to have an in-depth knowledge of the businesses of their clients, of key industries in which they operate and the business practices in the relevant jurisdiction.


Our private client team prides itself on providing first-class, high-quality legal and business services, plus a wide range of additional bespoke services, to meet its client’s specific needs.

lucas&asociados stands out for delivering –of course, in the mother tongue of the client– the highest standard of client service in each and every transaction, approaching each assignment from a new perspective, yet still drawing on its considerable individual and collective experience, earned through decades of being on the frontlines of the most challenging legal and business issues.

Areas of Expertise
  • Insolvency law and distressed assets
  • Corporate foreign investment
  • Private foreign investment / off-shore investment
  • Consumer protection and risk management
  • High profile expert litigation


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