lucas&asociados is a well-established and highly-reputed Spanish firm that proudly provides a full range of multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional legal, business and finance/tax services to institutions, corporations and private high-net worth investors.

In autumn 2013 the firm launched a new investment division with the sole focus of advising and supporting foreign investors in Spain and conceived to provide its services via strong “ad-hoc” industry-specific teams of experts with an optimal mix of technical skill, business sector savvy and multi-cultural professional experience.

Ad-hoc project specific teams

lucas&asociados’ project specific teams possess a broad advisory & operational capability, standing out for delivering the highest standard of client service in each and every transaction. The firm´s ad-hoc teams approach each assignment from a new fresh perspective, yet still drawing on their considerable individual and collective experience, learned through decades of being at the frontlines of the most challenging corporate deals and commercial transactions.

A dedicated ad-hoc team of lucas&asociados’ investment division will as a norm work closely with its own in-house team of lawyers, economists, business and tax consultants, forming a cross-departmental team solely focused on meeting the client’s specific goals.

This approach allows “ad-hoc” LTH teams to have an in-depth knowledge of the business of its client, the macro-environment and industry in which it operates and the best business practices in the relevant jurisdiction.

lucas&asociados provides clients with high-quality and cost-effective strategic investment advice, covering all aspects of an investment operation:

Business consulting services, e.g. market research, strategic planning, feasibility studies, acquisition and development support, specialist consultancy, etc.

Financial & tax advisory services, e.g. capital reinvestment programmes, debt structuring, bank relations, asset valuations, audits, insolvency proceedings, etc.

• Legal advisory services, e.g. land & project (re)development, contract and agreement drafting & negotiation, corporate transactions & dispute resolution, etc.

Furthermore, aware of its clients’ needs, lucas&asociados has built over the years a wide network of “best partners” in several areas focused on delivering a reliable, cost-conscious and local set of asset & operations management support services. As a result, our firm can provide investors with support in hotel operator sourcing, in marketing, sales and revenue management, in HR, in hospitality technology, design, architecture, engineering, procurement, project+facilities management and refurbishment services.

Real Estate Asset Investment

lucas&asociados investment division offers a full set of brokerage services fully aligned with the interests of the investor. The project specific team shall work on an investment mandate, advising the client in the complex task of identifying asset investment opportunities, offering,in addition, a comprehensive suite of first-class on-demand/modular transactional services ranging from basic legal due diligence to risk, tax, commercial and employment aspects of M&A.

lucas&asociados’ team of multi-lingual real estate experts has a deep understanding of the domestic property industry and an excellent track-record in successfully delivering results, providing specialist advice and comprehensive support on all aspects of property transactions to investors, developers and builders, owners and tenants alike and leading industry professionals, such as agents, architects and engineers.

Distressed Assets & Sustainable Investing

lucas&asociados corporate legal, finance&tax experts boast technical skill and extensive experience in managing insolvency proceedings and distressed asset administration&disposal under current Spanish insolvency legislation.

As a result, our dedicated team of insolvency & restructuring experts have been successfully advising foreign investors looking to acquire distressed real estate as part of their investment strategies, i.e. spotting potential deals and efficiently managing front-to-back the subsequent acquisition process on behalf of the client.

Away from distressed assets, there are great opportunities in Spain for long-term and sustainable investment. Development of events taken place in the country since the second half of 2013 have confirmed that Spain shall become one of the world’s top investment destinations over the next decade.

Business Brokering

lucas&asociados’ business brokering team provides buyers and sellers of privately held small and medium businesses with the tools, the advice and the access to the markets worldwide, assisting in the buying and selling process on behalf of either the buyer or the seller.

The team has also accumulated over the last twenty years a wide experience acting as transaction broker for the seller, for the buyer or even working to facilitate the transaction with both parties on the same level of trust.

Our firm focuses mainly on businesses with transaction valuations of between 50 and 100 million euros, providing the following services:

-Worldwide “business finding service” for international investors.

-Business/asset valuations, MPSP/FMV appraisals and pricing support.

-Production of comprehensive information memorandums on the company.

-Research and market intelligence & due diligence.

-Marketing of businesses and screening process of prospective buyers.

-Deal structuring and negotiations leadership and advisory services.

-Overall deal management, guiding the client through the entire process.

-Due diligence and closing process. Post-divestment and reinvestment advisory services.

Alternative Investment

Thanks to our exclusive network of “best partners”, the team of lucas&asociados is able to offer a complete suite of first-class advisory, consultancy and advocacy services to those sophisticated foreign investors interested in the exciting alternative universe of sustainableand high-yield investments, such as farming, forestry or renewables and collectors with a passion for art and antiques, cars and yachts, wine, stamps, coins and/or jewellery.

Finance & Tax

As part of its “integrated platform of advisory solutions” to foreign investors, lucas&asociados provides its clients with a first-class service offered by an exceptional team of seasoned economists, business and tax consultants with a deep understanding of the strategic and operational issues faced by international investors.

Individual experts of the investment division integrate seamlessly into (ad hoc) project specific multi-disciplinary teams, successfully contributing to the delivery of fully integrated, reliable solutions and long-term sustainable results.



Mr. Angel R. Matías Gómez

Tel.: +34 950 48 97 99


Cl. Jorge Juan, 65 – 2 º piso; 28009 Madrid – Spain.

; 29660 Marbella (Málaga) – Spain.

Cl. Rodrigo Navarro, 9 – 3A; 04001 Almería – Spain.

Boulevard, 301 – 5ª planta; 04740 El Ejido (Almería) – Spain.

Worldwide network of offices:

Almeria, Barcelona, Ferrol, Las Palmas, Madrid, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca, Sevilla, Tarragona, Toledo, Valencia, Beijing, Bucharest, Casablanca, Faro, Houston, Lisbon, London, Malabo, Shangai.

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