How to make a certified recording?

As we mentioned at the beginning, making a certified recording is voluntary.
However, if the website disappears we will have no more evidence that your BTC deposits existed than a photo. Which is not recommended.
In recent days, the Italian Government has suspended access to the Arbistar website for considering it fraudulent.
I therefore ask you to make a copy.
How to make a certified recording?

Instructions are attached.

From the office we do not have access to the accounts. If any volunteer wants to make the recording. We can assist you or you can send us a copy of this entire process.
We will delete the personal data and upload it to YouTube to serve the rest of those affected.
In cases where we have the certificate, we will send it to the court. In case you don’t have it, just the screenshots.

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Pasos o fases para contratar y hacer una navegación certificada

How to make a certified recording?

Steps or phases to hire and do a certified navigation

How to make a certified recording?


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