lucas&asociados is a well-established and highly-reputed Spanish law firm that proudly provides a full range of multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional business and legal services to public institutions, corporations and private individuals in its clients’ own language.

lucas&asociados possesses a broad advisory, operational and advocacy capability and an extensive international reach with a right mix of offices, partnerships and alliances across Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, offering seamlessly a full range of multi-disciplinary and cross-border business and legal services to its clients.

Legal teams within we work closely with its own in-house team of economists and business & tax consultants, allowing their ‘abogados’ to have an in-depth knowledge of the businesses of their clients, of key industries in which they operate and the business practices in the relevant jurisdiction.


Our private client team prides itself on providing first-class, high-quality legal and business services, plus a wide range of additional bespoke services, to meet its client’s specific needs.

lucas&asociados stands out for delivering –of course, in the mother tongue of the client– the highest standard of client service in each and every transaction, approaching each assignment from a new perspective, yet still drawing on its considerable individual and collective experience, earned through decades of being on the frontlines of the most challenging legal and business issues.

Areas of Expertise
  • Insolvency law and distressed assets
  • Corporate foreign investment
  • Private foreign investment / off-shore investment
  • Consumer protection and risk management
  • High profile expert litigation

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